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Newsletter October 2011


Just a couple of quick news updates from your friends at Beater.


The Mark II

The Beater Mark II has been pretty much finalized and is slated for a Spring 2012 arrival.  We’re extremely happy with the new version of the bike. We think you will be, too.  The bike is quickly approaching our goal of being bomb-proof.  We listened to the feedback from our Mark I riders and pretty much responded to all of it.  The website has been updated with new photography, so you can have a look.


HeadbadgeTweed Ride Toronto
Beater is putting together a Tweam for the Toronto Tweed Ride. It’s fun, for a good cause, and if you participate, I’ll throw in a free Beater Head Badge for your current bike.  Also, if you would like to test drive a Mark II Beater, I will be lending the prototypes out to anyone who joins the Beater Tweed ride team.  You can join the team here.



Test  BeaterTest Pilots
We are still in need of test pilots. So if you haven’t gotten the call yet, don’t give up.  It’s an ongoing process.  If you haven’t signed up, you still can.



Thanks everyone.