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Newsletter May 2012

2012 Roadster 1 SpeedThe Mark 2’s are now available
The 2012 Mark 2 Beater is now in stores. The dealer locator has been updated. Orders for Beaters can be placed at any of the listed stores. If your local store isn’t carrying them, ask them to. We’d love to sell them some. The world needs more Beaters.



2012 Step-Through 1 SpeedO’ Canada
There will only be American Beaters this year, no Canadian bikes. Canada has an extra tax for importing inexpensive bikes from China & Taiwan. These taxes make the Beaters ridiculously expensive. It’s supposed to protect Canadian jobs but in reality, it does nothing. Big box stores still import even cheaper bikes from even less developed places. I’m trying to work around it, but I couldn’t pull it off for this summer. It makes me sad that I won’t be able to see my bikes rolling around my own city. Governments are silly sometimes.


Concept Bikes
During the process of getting the Mark 2’s into production, we found some time to make a few concept bikes. You folks are the first to get a sneak peak. Enjoy.



Test BeaterTest Pilots
The Test Pilot program is still active. New bikes are hitting the road constantly and older ones get put back into circulation on a regular basis. Sign up and I could be calling you out of the blue one day, to ride one of our bikes for science.