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More Test Pilots

May 11th, 2012


The test pilot program is still active.  This very bike changed hands last weekend.  We seem to always have a steady stream of prototypes on the way.  We even have a few concept bikes coming. They all need to be ridden.

Born a Beater from Beater Bikes on Vimeo.

The Daily Rider

May 11th, 2012


The Daily Rider in Washington DC has Beaters in stock and in their window.  We would also have to agree with their shopping List: Bread, Veggies, Milk & A new bike starting at $299.

Go have a look.

Head Badge Replacement UPDATE

May 1st, 2012



Any current Beater owners the do not have a metal head badge on their bike please feel free to drop by Curbside Cycle.  They are kind enough to distribute them free of charge.  Early bikes where sold with a sticker version of the Flying Hammer crest which I was never really happy about.